Digital Media Technology

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1)Major Introduction

The department of the Digital Media Technology, Fuzhou University is affiliated with School of Physics and Information Engineering. Being established in September in 2005, the university is one of the first batch of schools to recruit students of Digital Media in China. Department of Digital Media and Network Engineering contained one major Digital Media Technology with two directions, which was ‘Film and Television Animation’and ‘Multimedia Neworking’; As the Ministry of Education began restructuring the department of Digital Media Art and Digital Media Technology in 2013, the department of Digital Media Art changed its name to Digital Media Technology.     

The department of the Digital Media Technology has cultivated a large number of inter-disciplinary and practical professionals who are able to satisfy the needs of the development of the society in information age and have a good command of knowledge of digital film and television, computer animation, network games. With high scientific literacy, art cultivation and professional skills in design, these professionals are familiar with the law of creation in Digital Media technology and have the ability of integrating technical thinking with creative thinking. Digital Media Technology is a comprehensive interdisciplinary, containing two directions of digital art and design and virtual interactive technology. With some engaged in areas of film and television broadcasting, computer animation, game software, virtual reality, interface interaction design and all kinds of research and technical management in Digital Media instruments, engines, platforms and application systems, many graduates choose to hold positions in country’s colleges and universities, research institutes and master degree in relevant majors as well.  

2)Length of schooling: 4 years

3)Major curriculum: , Interactive Technology , 3D Engine and Application, 3D Animation Design, After Effect Production, Introduction to 3D Programming, Animation Design, Fundamental Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Film Editing Technology, Object-oriented Programming, Data Structure and Algorithms, Principal of Database System, Design Sketch, Color, etc.

4)Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

5)Relevant content on teaching standard

With the characteristics of wide caliber and solid foundation, the personnel training mode follows art creation, media design, game networking and interactive technology to build curriculum system and content of courses, which forms a complete practical teaching system consisting of experiment, professional practice and extracurricular scientific research training.

The department has 13 full-time teachers, of whom 1 is professor, 5 are associate professors, 5 are lecturers and 2 are teaching assistants. Among them 3 have a doctor’s degree and 9 have a master’s degree, two of whom have overseas experience. At present there are about 240 undergraduate students.

Since the establishment of the department 10 years ago, the number of the application every year is 60, the employment rate of the graduates over years is over 96% on average, and 12% of the graduates are recommended and applied to postgraduates. The department has cultivated a large qualities of professionals, entrepreneurs and managers, and has sent over 600 graduates to society.

    At present, having the research institute Fuzhou University Creative Industry Institute and being designated as the secondary discipline master degree program in Digital Media technology, the department has formed the structure of complete multi-level cultivation of talents. The department has organized all kinds of 13 scientific projects over the four years, 2 of which are the National Natural Science Fund, 11 are provincial or ministry level scientific project. Education reform projects are 13 in total, with 4 provincial or ministry level education reform project and 9 university’s education reform projects. The amount of the money on research is over 1.7 million. There are more than 87 scientific essays being published, among which 15 are indexed by EI/SCI.

Digital media technology is a secondary discipline of the first level discipline of information and communication engineering. It has developed rapidly and widely used in many fields. The main research contents are digital media theory and practice, digital content design, network and mobile media technology, etc. In the process of postgraduate training, both theoretical study and scientific research practice are equally important. The student must master the basic theory and analysis method of digital media technology and can carry out a more in-depth theoretical or applied technical research on specific technologies.With the combination of theoretical study and scientific research practice, the graduate students have the ability to work independently and have strong ability to analyze and solve problems in the field of digital media technology.