Internet of Things (IOT) Engineering

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Internet of Things (IOT) Engineering, Fuzhou University, was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2012. Internet of Things (IOT) Engineering aims to develop all-round talents with IOT theories and manipulative skills in the area of Sensing Technology, Network Technology and Electronic Information. Internet of Things (IOT) Engineering, Fuzhou University, is operated in industry-university cooperation mode, which is mainly focused on innovative awareness and practical skills. In addition, one national IOT engineering practice teaching platforms was built in our college in 2014. The major courses of IOT Engineering are as follows: Sensor and Detection Technology, Principle and Application of Sensor Network, Electromagnetic filed and RFID, Principle and Application of Single Chip System, Computer Networking, Middleware Technology of IOT, Principle and Technology of IOT Control, IOT Security Technology and IOT Information.