Introduction to Department of Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering

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Currently, there are 17 faculties and staffs (April, 2017), including 7 professors, 6 associate professors, 4 lecturers. One of them is Thousands Talent Program professor and 2 are Minjiang Scholar award scheme professors. Among them, there are 5 PhD supervisors and 11 MA supervisors. Faculties with PhD degree account for 88%.

Department of Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering currently has one major (Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering), two directions, namely, “Photoelectric Information and Technology” and “Optical Communication and Photoelectric Measurement and Control”. It aims to cultivate students to possess photoelectric information and technology, optical communication, photoelectric measurement and control technology, systematic fundamental knowledge as well as practical skills of photoelectric systems integration technology. Meanwhile, students are required to master good engineering practice ability and be able to keep pace with new theories, new knowledge, new technology in this field. Graduates will be able to carry out research and development work involving display technology, lighting systems, optical communication systems, photoelectric measurement and control systems, photoelectric integrated systems, electronic materials and devices, embedded systems Design and other technical work in Universities, research institutes, management agencies, companies and other institutions and enterprises. Or graduates are able to devote themselves to scientific research; teaching and engineering technology management related electronic engineering.

Our majoris based on Photoelectric Display Technology Research Institute of Fuzhou University. Relying on national local joint engineering laboratory of flat panel display technology, Haixi new display device and integrated collaborative innovation center,field Emission Display  engineering research center, Fujian flat panel display Technical engineering laboratory, photoelectron and information display technology engineering laboratory,Fujian photoelectric information industry technology development base,it adheres to the combination of science and engineering, production and research. It aims to develop scientific discipline structure in accordance withcurrent major requirements to maintain sustainable development and the continuous improvement of the education quality.