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The department of Physics was founded in 1958, which currently consists a Departments (Applied physics) and a Research Institute (Fujian Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information). Our purpose is that all the students can gain the development of moral and intellectual development, with a solid mathematical basis, and familiar with the basic theory of physics and development trends, and master the basic skills of experimental physics and data processing methods, with good scientific literacy and innovative awareness of the application of science and technology talent during their four-year program. The core courses are: advanced mathematics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, mechanics, thermal, electromagnetics, optics, atomic physics, general physics experiments, modern physics experiments, thermodynamics and statistical physics, mathematical methods, electronic circuits (including analog electronics Technology, digital electronics), optoelectronic technology, laser principle. Students will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree after completing all the credits (165 credits) in the training program for a specified period of time. Our department has a close relationship with National Taiwan University and University of London, students are recommended to exchange training each year. The graduates can be engaged in the teaching and research work of Applied Physics and Electronic Science, or be engaged in optoelectronic devices, semiconductor devices, materials science and engineering and other fields or to enterprises engaged in the development and application of technical work; can also according to the comprehensive knowledge and ability to scientific and technological information, public security, safety, medical equipment management and other departments engaged in the work of science and technology. The graduates can further study in physics, electronics or other related professional master's degree.