electrical information engineering

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Undergraduate Education

The major of electrical information engineering was accredited by The Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) in September 2016.  This major aims to provide for systematic study of the theory and principles of electronic engineering and information engineering, as well as skills of analysis, research and design electronic system. It will equip students the ability to apply advanced electronic technology and computer technology to research, design, development, manufacture of electronic devices and information systems. Careers for graduates of this major include research, related technology development, technical management, manufacture and applications for electronic system design, microcomputer, MCU and embedded system development, computer network engineering, computer graphics/images processing, radio and television, multimedia communication, signal detection and transmission and automatic control engineering.

The main courses in this major that the students required to study include mathematics, physics, Electronic Circuit, Signal and System, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Communication Principles, Information theory and coding, Computer Communications And Networking, Data structure and relational data base, Programmable logic design.

The students are required to complete all courses in this major in four years. After passing the examinations, they will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of engineering.