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Fujian Integrated Circuit Design Center (a.k.a. "FJICC") founded in 2005 and located in Fuzhou Software Park, is a provincial public technology service platform jointly founded by Fujian government and Fuzhou University. FJICC is providing various public services such as integrated circuits design, EDA tools, instrument testing, and training. FJICC is committed to supporting the IC design industries in Fujian. Moreover, the primary objective of service is to enhance the self-innovation ability for West-Coast Economy and Industry. FJICC is also part of Fuzhou University National Integrated Circuits Talent Training Base.
    FJICC occupies 2200㎡ of working area, and has over 20 staffs. Currently, FJICC team is leaded by Prof. Rong-Shan Wei. The other core members of Prof. Shao-Hao Wang, Prof. Ming-Hui Fan, Prof. Liang-Hung Wang, Prof. Ji-Wei Huang, Prof. Ren-Ping Wang and Prof. Chen Kang are organized to the research team. FUJICC Vice director Zhi-Min Yu, office manager Le-Ping Cao leads the industrial service team. The research team are focusing in the design and developing of integrated circuits, embedded system, micro-nano and integrated photonics device, and bio-signal acquisition and procession for telemedicine and healthcare monitoring; and their applications in industrial control, wireless communications, audio and video signal processing, power management . etc. Presently, FJICC has developed and produced a numbers of chips, including ADE series of Analog to Digital Converters, RFID ASIC chips. In addition, FJICC provides pre-research of enterprises for IP core co-development. FJICC has carried out in-depth research and cooperation with Fuzhou Rockchips Electronics, Fujian Malata, Star-Net, Fuzhou Fuda Hisi Microelectronics, Fuzhou Beilaite Integrated Circuits and other enterprises in the fields of digital TV chip, intelligent remote control chip, audio and video processing chip and so on. Meanwhile, it has developed IoT application system based on RFID ASICs and wearable remote ECG monitoring system with XinDa Xiamen science and Technology Ltd. and the Fujian Provincial Hospital, respectively.
    FJICC has undertaken more than 30 projects, including the National Major Basic Research Program "973" Projects, the National Natural Science Foundation Projects, Fujian Software Development Projects, Fujian Science and Technology Major Projects, and Fujian Natural Science Foundation and Major Projects. Fujian Integrated Circuit Design Center has become the important technical service platform of software and integrated circuits in West Coast.