Electronics and Flexible

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lResearch Group

There are 22 permanent staffs in our center including the one National 863 expert, one thousands talent program distinguish expert, 3 minjiang scholar professors, 7 professors, 6 associated professors, and 5 Ph.D. advisors.


lResearch Fields

1.Printed Electronics and Flexible Device

 We develop ink system for the organic materials or quantum dots for printed display devices. We also develop optimized structures of OLED and QLED and explore best technological conditions of preparation from functional layer to emitting layer. Meanwhile, we discuss preparation of printed electrode for flexible organic devices and preparation of printing about flexible display devices in order to analysis transmission process about emitted light in medium and interface and explore technical methods about increasing efficiency of the light extracting rate. We aim to develop

fully printed thin film transistors devices with high performance and good stability. We develop ink system for printed TFT arrays, optimize the interface between each layer, and investigate the relationship between micro/nano structure and device performance.   

2.3D Technology and its Application

Based on 2D/3D adaptive conversion of liquid crystal lens or by developing key technologies and key materials of liquid crystal light valve, our aims are to achieve 2D/3D adaptive conversion of glass-free 3D display and its industrialization by breaking a transformation from 2D to 3D, and a graphics and image processing technology from a single point of view to multiple viewpoints. Relying on 3D Manufacturing Technology Public Service Platform and meeting the needs of Fujian Province’s optoelectronics industry, we break out the core material preparation and key technology of new-type 3D manufacturing and micro-3D manufacturing, conduct researches about key materials and key technology of functional films, such as light guide plate, color filter, polarizing film, brightness enhancement film and so on. We study key technology development about high-performance of multi-touch new materials and structures. Meanwhile, we discuss lighting and backlight module design and its generic technology and its system integration. 

3. AR/VR Technology and its Application

We develop high resolution, wide viewing angle, high color restoration technology. Immersed helmet and multi-view naked three-dimensional display technology are improved for VR/AR application. In the meanwhile, we study integral imaging, new parallax grating pattern, 2D/3D conversion technology. Three-dimensional modeling technology is developed. We especially study large-scale laser scanning and three-dimensional detail reconstruction using multi-machine stitching. We work on the three-dimensional virtual human stimulation theory. Corresponding motion generation/controlling technology are developed and human body motion capture/understanding technology is fully studied.

4.  New Energy Technology

We work on the polymer solar cells and perovskite solar cells via material synthesis, optimization of the active layer and interface in order to improve exciton dissociation and charge transport for high performance large area solar cell devices. The study about Lithium ion batteries concentrates on functional nanomaterials synthesis and its application in lithium-ion batteries as power sources, which includes tin-based materials, ti-based materials, transition metal oxides, carbon materials and its complex oxide materials and Nano-structure Porous Composite and other aspects.

l Research Projects


Since 2007, we have undertaken 75 all kinds of scientific research and development projects, with total amounting more than RMB 50,000,000. Among them, there are 4 national 863 key projects, 3 national key research and development projects, 11 national natural science foundation of China, 49 provincial projects, and 9 horizontal development and opening projects of enterprises.

lResearch Environment

Our laboratory consists of printed electronics and flexible display team, 3D display and 3D Manufacturing team, new energy and memory, circuits and systems team, cooperative marketing group and integrated management of the office. The total area of the lab is more than 3000 m2, including a 1000 m2 of thousand grade purification area and more than 60 sets of large-scale research equipment.