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National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Smart Digital TV


Fujian Engineering Research Center of Digital TV)

1)Center introduction

Fujian provincial development and Reform Commission approved the establishment of the

center, which relies on the provincial research institutes of Fuzhou University. Center was approved by “National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Smart Digital TV" in December 2015. Based on the development of digital technology for television broadcast and multi-network integration, the center integrates the advantages of universities and industries, to create a first-class public service platform with core technology research and development, commercialization of achievements, and high-end professionals training.

The center is located in the north building of College of Physics and Information Engineering, Yishan campus, Fuzhou University. There is 16 million 200 thousand yuan invested to construct it; research rooms cover an area of 2000 square meters, and research equipment in total worth more than 10 million; it also has a team of more than 70 people with rich experience in R & D.


The center has four departments: research and development, achievement

commercialization, personnel training and scientific and technological cooperation. The research and development department consists of 5 research and development laboratories, such as digital TV system, terminal, software, radio frequency and chip, responsible for researching projects and the design and development of application products respectively; The achievement commercialization department consists of the digital television system, network terminals and wireless radio frequency and other test base-band, responsible for the engineering development of technical achievements. The personnel training department is responsible for the organization and management of the train of doctoral, master, bachelor and engineering and technical personnel; the department of the science and technological deploys the development of application market, promotion of technical achievements and technical service for customer, etc., through the close cooperation with the relevant industries and enterprises.

3)Main Functions

The center is actively tracking the latest technical achievements of domestic and oversea multimedia transmission and broadband convergence network, and the strategic needs of the country and Fujian province. According to the common core technology in the development of digital TV industry, the center carries out the research and industrial development of technological achievements with the great application

prospect, and provides the related industries, enterprises, scientific research units with senior specialized talents with PhD, master, bachelor degrees and trains engineering technical personnel, so as to provide

a full range of services for responsible government departments, related industries and manufacturing enterprises with technical research and development, product commercialization, product testing, professional consulting, technical support etc., to promote technological innovation and industrial development of digital TV and related fields, and to promote the development of integrated circuits, embedded software ,wireless RF ,front-end system and related technologies and industry.

4)Relevant Institutions

Tiandixing  Broadcast Television Technology  Joint Laboratory, National Broadcasting Science Institute ,Fuzhou University

Fujian Radio and Television Network Technology Research Institution, Fuzhou University

ALTARA SOC/DTV Joint Laboratory, Fuzhou University

Sinovo Technology Digital video terminal Joint Laboratory, Fuzhou University

Fuchun Communications New Technology Research and Development Center, Fuzhou University

Gautu Information Technology Research and Development Center, Fuzhou University

Electronic Technology Research Institute, Fuzhou University

Fuzhou Fuda Hisi Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Fuda Beidou communication Technology Co., Ltd.

5)R&D Team

Person in charge: Su Kaixiong .He is the professor in the College of Physics and Information Engineering of Fuzhou University, doctoral advisor, the director of Fujian Engineering Research Center of Digital Television, the head of the Electronics Research Institute in Fuzhou University, the senior member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), the Commissioner of Branch Association of Radio and Television of CIE, the vice chairman of Fujian Institute of Communications.

Core member: distinguished professor Zhang, Guangfei, professor Chen, Zhifeng, Professor Chen, zhonghui, Professor Ye, Yuhuang, Professor Yang, Xiuzhi. Zhang jing , Chen Suqiong, Zheng Jianwen and some senior engineers .Guo Liting, Yuan Jiade, Zheng Mingkui, Shi Longzhao , Lai Songlin, Huang liqin, Chen Jun and some associate professors. Chen Pingping Lan Chengdong, Chen Jian, Xu Zhimeng, Li Lanlan and some doctors. Wu Linhuang ,Du Weiqin, Chen Dan and some research assistants.

6)Projects and Achievements

Satellite TV Receiver System in Ku-band. Excellence Awards for High-tech Products ,Fujian Province

Research of Spread Spectrum Communication Coding and Data Network. Third Prize Award for Sciences Natural Science of Chinese Academy

ST-2000 Satellite Television Receiver. First Prize Award for National Light Industrial Outstanding Product .

FMTV-1500 Multiplex Colour TV Microwave Transmission System. Third Prize Award for Science and Technology Progress , Fujian Province

Embedded Satellite Television Receiver Control Software. National Innovation Fund, Second Prize Award for Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress.

Key Technology of Beidou Second-generation Satellite Navigation Terminal .Second Prize Award for Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress.

Wideband Wireless IP Radio Frequency Technology. National 863 Program

The Application Demonstration of Beidou/GPS Dual-mode Technology in Water Conservancy  Project Safe Operation of Internet of Things . The National Development and Reform Commission

Embedded High Definition Digital Television Receiver Control Software. High-tech Key Project ,Fujian Province

Key Technology and Industrialization of Digital Television Transmission System .Major Science and Technology Programs, Fujian Province

Research on Key Technology of Beidou Second-generation Satellite Navigation Terminal .Major Science and Technology Programs,Fujian Province

Development of Chip Controlled Domestic Appliance in Standby Mode Energy-saving. Major Industrial-Academic-Research Projects, Fujian Province

Development of High-Definition Digital Set-Top-Box based on the New generation Technology Standard. Major Industrial-Academic-Research Projects, Fujian Province

Development of Terminal Antenna and RF Module in Multi-Frequency High-precision Beidou Navigation .Major Industrial-Academic-Research Projects, Fujian Province

More than 20 granted national invention patents and software copyrights

Product Application

Center carries out close technical cooperation with more than 20 leading technical enterprises and institutions either domestic or international. A series of technical achievement has been adopted by more than 40 domestic and foreign professional enterprises, and put into mass production; the annual yield of the related digital television terminal products is more than 3 million sets; the annual yield of application-specific integrated circuit chips is more than 10 million; annual production value is more than 500 million RMB. The major projects has been promoted and applied in more than 10 provinces and autonomous regions in China, some products has been exported to countries and regions in Europe, Mideast, Africa and Southeast Asia, etc.



Integrated Digital High-definition Set-Top-Box



Digital TV Coder and Modulator


Digital TV Transmitter


Digital Encryption、Panel Control、Microprocessor Core