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 Center profile
        Photoelectric Information Experimental Teaching Center (Overview)
        Professional: electronic information class. Set up time: March 18, 2013.
        Department of Physics: School of Physics and Information Engineering, Fuzhou University.
        Management: Fuzhou University Laboratory Construction and Equipment Management Office.
        Center Director: Professor Lu Peimin
        Center has 88 members, of which 59.1% of the staff have a doctorate, 56.8% of
the staff with a high title.
        Center teachers presided over the teaching reform project 64, published 32 teaching reform papers, published 21 teaching materials, teaching award 47. Completed 224 research projects, funding 72.3 million yuan.
        Center teachers published 426 academic papers, including SCI retrieval papers 224 (of which more than 50 papers in more than two papers), EI search papers 44; invention patents and utility model patents 16, scientific research award 7.
        Center set up 55 experimental courses, for professional 7, 1,200 students per year, 19.77 million hours.
    Director of the Centre
        Center Director: Professor Lu Peimin
    Teaching method
        1. Build a professional training platform with functional focus, resource optimization, openness and operation.
        According to the characteristics and professional characteristics of the school, aiming at the national long-term resource development strategy goal, on the basis of the existing experimental teaching platform, through the further integration of resources, built eight photoelectric information theory and practice in one system perfect, , Open and shared international experimental teaching platform.
        Photoelectric information experimental teaching center set up the platform, give full play to the experimental basis of optical and electronic information and the role of cognitive tools, according to the core function of the discipline and the relationship between the relationship between the purpose of training with a broad theoretical basis, a strong project Practical skills and tracking the relevant fields of new theories, new knowledge, new technology capacity of the talent; the goal is to establish a relatively complete experimental structure, relatively new experimental content, relatively advanced experimental means, for undergraduate and graduate students out of professional basis Experiment, professional experiment, comprehensive experiment, design innovation experiment and other different levels of experiments to improve the ability of experimental teaching to solve practical problems for students to provide systematic, advanced and modern practice teaching platform, welcomed by the students, which few Year college students in the experimental center of the platform, the practice base for fruitful multi-faceted training, and achieved gratifying results.
        2. Construction highlights the professional characteristics, strengthen the two sets of experimental teaching system
        From the characteristics of photoelectric information experiment and teaching research, highlight the scientific research methods and experimental teaching characteristics, build and improve the scientific research to drive experimental teaching, experimental teaching to promote scientific research work of science and education experimental new system. The establishment of conducive to compound, innovative talents training in school experiments and off-campus practice teaching system.
        3. Strengthen the training of personnel, and carefully build the experimental center experimental teachers
        The center combined with the school personnel training and the introduction of relevant policies to take the "outside cited within the training" approach, increase the introduction and reception of laboratory staff efforts to continue from the famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad to introduce high-quality PhD and experts to To create and provide training and training opportunities for experimental teachers, to strengthen on-the-job training to improve the level of business, to encourage on-the-job degree to improve the team structure, to strengthen the knowledge update to improve the academic level. To explore the full-time management of the appointment, title, treatment of the autonomy of the operating mechanism to further establish and improve the experimental curriculum is conducive to promoting the reform and construction of the management and security mechanisms to encourage more and better teachers to participate in experimental teaching.
        Through a variety of channels, to take a variety of ways to gradually build a love and dedication, willing to sacrifice the management team; a moral and talent, as a teacher teacher team; a skilled, skilled technical team.
        4. Further establish and improve the laboratory management mechanism, improve the laboratory operation mechanism
        In accordance with the "unified management, overall planning, sharing of resources, the effective use of" the overall principle of breaking the original professional basic teaching laboratory, professional teaching laboratory belonging to the teaching and research section of the management. By the Distinguished Professor, faculty leaders and senior experimental teaching experts inside and outside the school composed of experimental teaching guidance committee, responsible for the experimental course syllabus, experimental course content and experimental project validation work, give full play to its experimental teaching decision-making and demonstration center guidance effect. Center executive director responsibility system, staff appointment system and part-time staff integration management model. Experimental teaching center director, deputy director of the appointment by the college, the implementation of the term assessment; experimental technical staff to implement the appointment system, unified management by the experimental teaching center; part-time teachers in accordance with teaching and research tasks to participate in experimental teaching and experimental research work, the implementation of mobile management mechanism.
    Sources of funding and protection
        There are several sources of funds for the construction of the center:
        (one) the school put into the laboratory construction:
        In 2007, in order to meet the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching evaluation, the school invested 12 million 450 thousand yuan of special funds for the construction of the laboratory.
        (two) special funds for the construction of the central financial laboratory
        In 2007 the central and local governments to build a special fund (electronic basic experiment center) project funding, access to 2 million 700 thousand yuan of funds for construction; earmarking, has completed all construction.
        In 2008 the central and local governments to build special professional characteristics of College Laboratory (microelectronics and IC Design Laboratory) project funding, for construction funds 1 million yuan earmarked; has completed all construction.
        In 2009 the central and local governments to build the special funds for the distinctive discipline laboratory (Laboratory of signal processing and information systems) project funding, for construction funds 3 million yuan earmarked; has completed all construction.
        In 2011 the central financial support fund project "the development of local colleges and universities scientific research platform and professional competence practice base construction project" (Entrepreneurship Education and practice innovation research and information system of public information photoelectric platform) project funding, for construction funds earmarked 3 million; under construction, has completed about 80%.
        (three) school enterprise cooperation, enterprise investment construction:
        Altera invested FPGA development board, TI development board, Microchip investment company invested PIC SCM, Sheng Yang company invested HOLTEK experimental box, Xilinx invested development board, Fujian mobile in mobile communication system, Fujian Telecom investment program-controlled exchange system, post grid network Cisco network equipment investment company so, the equipment worth about 20000000 yuan.
        (four) research funding
        In recent years, the center of scientific research funding of about 72 million 300 thousand yuan, of which $22 million 50 thousand for laboratory construction.
        (five) alumni funding
        Alumni through investment funds to build R & D centers and joint laboratories. Over the past few years to invest 3 million 100 thousand yuan.
        Completed a total of 67 million 300 thousand yuan to complete the construction of the experiment.