Practice innovation

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Student Award
        Over the past 3 years, the provincial Student Awards
        Our college students to participate in the national and provincial competitions in the province to obtain a total of 234 Awards(including the national award 1, national first prize 2, two prize of the 9 National third-prize, 11 countries, 2 national scholarship, Baosteel scholarship 2, prize 30, two prize 33, provincial third-prize 30 province, the success of competition award 111, province the best creative award 1, Asia 1 gold medals, 1 bronze)

    Innovation project
        College Students' innovative experiment project in the past 3 years
        National 17; provincial level of the 23; college level of 121.

    Practical activity
        The construction of experimental center promotes the development of students' practical activities
        1.Student practice training laboratory
        2.Students experiment equipment into the laboratory teaching
        3.Student Design Institute of Networking Project Exhibition Center
        4.The letter of the college freshman welding contest
        5.Science and Technology College Students
        6.The National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest
        7.Fujian Challenge Cup won the grand prize, the national first prize
        8.To participate in the national robot competition was awarded one or two, three
        9.To participate in the activities of young volunteers to serve the community
        10.To participate in scientific and technological competition held by enterprises
        11.The school of physical education pre employment mode
        12.Students declare patent
        13.Our college for three consecutive years of graduate employment or advanced units, ranking first

    International exchange
        International exchange and cooperation